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Posted on: February 5, 2012 2:32 pm


Round 2 of the hopeful end of a saga.  2007 Tom Brady and the Patriots were poised to make history.  Greatness had already been attained by 3 prior SB wins.  In the way were Eli Manning and a pesky Giant team.  Today the Patriots correct a fluke and hopefully Madonna keeps her clothes on.  The Giants are still pesky but the win swings to the Patriots this time.  No humiliating run away victory but solid, boring and Bradyesque.  Prediction Patriots 33 Giants 23.  The Twin Towers of Gronkowski and Hernandez are too much for this Giant team or any NFL team.  Keeping Tom Brady off the field with 3 and outs or a bunch of turnovers just not going to happen and is really the Giants only hope. 
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